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Starting next year, the Swiss watchmaker is the Official Timekeeper of Formula 1 and will also be the Official Timepiece. U-Boat Replica Watches displays time at different locations during each Grand Prix. The logo of the brand will also be displayed at various corners and around the circuit.

U-Boat Replica Watches, a company that is known for its support of sport on a global scale, has re-established its relationship with motorsport, which dates back to the 1930s. Gian Riccardo Marina, Chief Executive Officer at U-Boat Replica Watches SA, is adamant that the new partnership with Formula 1 was a natural fit.Swiss Replica Watches In our respective fields U-Boat Replica Watches SA and Formula One embody a spirit of adventure, superior engineering, and a desire to push technology's limits. Marini said that these aspirations were very appealing to the younger generation. He added that U-Boat Replica Watches watches represent the pursuit of reliability and performance at the highest levels, as exemplified by Formula One.

U-Boat Replica Watches is also confident in the selection of the ideal partner. This partnership will be something many Formula One fans have been looking forward to and are excited about. U-Boat Replica Watches is a brand with a rich sporting history, and Formula One would be the perfect place for U-Boat Replica Watches", stated Mr. Ecclestone.

U-Boat Replica Watches will also be celebrating the 50th anniversary in the following year of the iconic Cosmograph Daytona Chronograph. Hublot will no longer be the Official F1 Timekeeper,Tag Heuer Aquaracer Replica as it was before 2010. Tag Heuer is another high-end Swiss watchmaker who played an important role in the history Formula One.